Update Released

This update addresses networking issues when hosting 8 slot lobby. Adds tutorial TRAINING and GUI to turn off the death camera rotation. Orion’s Threat achievements.


  • Double the bandwidth from listen server to clients for an 8 slot game. When hosting an 8 slot game sv_maxrate will automatically be set to 60000. rd_adjust_sv_maxrate cvar may be used to turn this feature off. sv_maxrate is not modified on dedicated servers.
  • Added UI for changing client’s network bandwidth limit. Options – Game Settings. 512 kbps is recommended for playing on 8 player servers. This is the bandwidth that online game servers send to you during gameplay. Lower bandwidth rate setting can help avoid packet loss if your internet service provider or routers drop network packets. Insufficient bandwidth rate however can result in delayed network packets, resulting in ping increase and game entities warping in your view.

Note: It is highly recommended that dedicated servers which host 8 slots put sv_maxrate to at least 60000.

Training Tutorial

    Stats and Achievements

    • Added Orion’s Threat and Bonus Missions stats.
    • Added achievements for Orion’s Threat campaign

    Death Camera

    • Added Death Camera UI into Game Settings window. Players can turn the cinematic camera rotation off. Leaving only the slowdown


    • Fix bots unable to use Medical Amplifier Gun to heal
    • Removed proxy from 50calmg.vmt
    • Fixed visual artifacts in Video Options window
    • Renamed Options – Multiplayer into Game Settings
    • Corrected main menu navigation using keyboard keys or controller
    • Fixed rd-tft2abandonedmaintenance.bsp didn’t have string dictionaries