Update Released

  • Fixed bots listen to everybody’s GO command. Now they only listen to their leader.
  • Fixed deagle’s shooting prediction
  • Improved bot re-assigning. Previously if player took a break or disconnected his marine(s) was assigned to a random player. Now marine(s) is assigned to a player with the biggest number of bots assigned.
  • Improved alien-to-alien collisions. Prevent rangers, shamans and parasites from blocking other aliens movement. Fix burrowed aliens having incorrect collision group and blocking other aliens
  • Add rd_horde_two_sided cvar. If 1 and Onslaught is enabled a 2nd horde will come from opposite side, e.g. north and south. This cvar doesn’t change horde size.
  • Fixed bots being easily interrupted while welding
  • Added “FireRate” keyvalue to asw_sentry_top_cannon
  • Director ignores disabled escape triggers. Normally, the director would avoid spawning aliens inside escape triggers and avoid spawning aliens anywhere if marines were in one, but this causes problems when a disabled escape trigger covers a large area, such as the entire map of as_paranoia3.
  • Added func_rd_no_director_aliens brush entity
  • Fixed small visual artifacts on Cold Catwalks map
  • Removed the unused asw_ammo_satchel_bonus cvar

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