Update Released

This update includes Swarmopedia, bug fixes and small improvements. Restart Steam to apply.


  • Removed ‘bolt-action’ from Sniper Rifle description
  • Added client.dll to consistency check
  • Fixed player’s level isn’t visible(is cut) in translated languages during briefing
  • Fixed in-game main menu is cut in translated languages
  • Fixed crash in Level One challenge weapon selection. If More Starting Equipment add-on was installed on client and server doesn’t have it client could crash a server by picking a weapon from the add-on weapons.
  • Added a chat message when marine is reserved in lobby. Display a yellow message in text when player can’t select a marine in lobby due to marine reservation.
  • Prevented aliens spawning near marines in Operation CleanSweep campaign. Some rangers and boomers appeared in front of marines from air.
  • Adjusted drone spawners at rd-ocs1storagefacility
  • Added rd_techreq and rd_hackall cvars. If rd_techreq is 0 tech will be not required to start
    a mission. Mission will not restart if tech dies. 1 is default. If rd_hackall is 1 all marines can hack doors and computers
  • Fixed title text is cut in Friend Games window. For languages other than English the title text was cut. Also enlarged the same title for Found Public Games window
  • Adjusted main menu items width
  • Fixed rd_cam_marine_yaw_desired
  • Fixed asw_hide_local_marine
  • Added Swarmopedia
  • Added an info message when clicking No Steam menu item. Many players face the No Steam problem. When clicking this menu item we now display a window telling the most common solutions to this problem.
  • Increased net_splitpacket_maxrate to 40000 by default. Only if rd_adjust_sv_maxrate 1. We set it to 40k to combat stutter in player movement when there are a lot of aliens.
  • Don’t show language selection in audio settings. Because it cannot hold all of our supported languages, audio language can be choosen in game’s properties window in Steam. This is similar to how it works in L4D2
  • Moved main menu items 40 px higher
  • Fixed spelling errors in closecaption_english.txt.
  • Updated Ukrainian and Russian translations
  • Increased width of the title in Create Game window
  • Corrected Workshop Download Progress position. Workshop Download Progress was overlapping with Mission Details button in the briefing screen preventing clicking on this button. Now it is raised higher.
  • Added displaying challenge name in the F9(playerlist) window
  • Fixed remote code execution exploit. https://oneupsecurity.com/research/remote-code-execution-in-source-games
  • Fixed Difficulty Tier 2 challenge Easy is easier than Difficulty Tier 1 Brutal
  • Added immolate_hover_no_ground_fire particle effect.
  • Improved area9800LZ. Change immolate_hover particle to no ground. Add game instructor hints. Prevent aliens from spawning on top of marines’ heads.
  • Renamed RES files, remove “_rd” suffix.
  • Updated all translations and closed captions