Update – October 20, 2022

Today’s update fixes some inconsistencies in various weapons and campaigns. It also adds the ability to assign screen effects to individual marines, and a new trigger to apply different HDR settings to different areas of a map.


  • Jacob’s Rest: Timor Station: Fixed NPC pathfinding near the end of the mission.
  • Research 7: Jericho Mines: Fixed objective markers failing to update with objective completion.
  • Research 7: Jericho Mines: Fixed lag caused by physics calculations for falling pipes.
  • Tears for Tarnor: Abandoned Maintenance Tunnels: Fixed walls having unexpectedly tall collision, negatively affecting grenades.
  • Tilarus-5: Yanaurus Mine: Fixed walls being invisible with a rotated camera.
  • Tilarus-5: Forgotten Factory: Fixed walls being invisible with a rotated camera.
  • Lana’s Escape: Lana’s Bridge: Made performance optimizations to lighting and cinematic alien spawns.
  • Nam Humanum: Platform XVII: Removed a tech marine requirement after the last hack is completed.
  • Nam Humanum: Groundwork Labs: Fixed the countdown objective ending early.
  • Nam Humanum: Groundwork Labs: Fixed lighting being unexpectedly bright.
  • Nam Humanum: Groundwork Labs: Improved marine bot navigation.
  • BioGen Corporation: Operation x5: Fixed death traps not being deadly enough.
  • BioGen Corporation: Operation x5: Fixed aliens being able to spawn inside the ending elevator, causing it to get stuck.
  • BioGen Corporation: BioGen Labs: Removed invisible ceiling collision.


  • IAF Minigun: Fixed reloading with an odd ammo count resulting in 499/500 ammo.
  • Flashlight Attachment: This weapon now reflects light like other weapons do.
  • Grenade Launcher: Fixed a bug causing grenades to explode twice if they hit an alien directly. Instead, grenades now do double damage if they hit a character (marine or alien). This fixes splash damage from a direct hit bypassing one-hit protection and slightly increases grenade launcher damage (the first explosion would previously push enemies slightly away from the grenade before the second explosion).
  • Desert Eagle: This gun has been renamed to PS50 Bulldog and has a new appearance and sounds.
  • IAF Medical Amplifier Gun: Updated skin to differentiate it from the normal medical gun.
  • TG-05 Gas Grenades: Updated the grenade box to match the style of other grenade items.


  • Made grubs reflect light like other aliens do.
  • Harvesters no longer spawn xenomites when they are killed by a direct grenade hit that deals more than double their remaining health.


  • Updated Chinese translation.
  • Updated European Portuguese translation.
  • Updated German translation.
  • Updated Italian translation.
  • Updated Japanese translation.
  • Updated Korean translation.
  • Updated Russian translation.
  • Fixed translations being silently truncated after 1023 bytes. Translations can now be up to 4095 bytes and a warning will be printed to the console if they are longer.


  • Changed how animated props are networked. Reverted the change in the last update that makes the server drive animations. Instead, specific props are always visible to the client regardless of distance. Joining a game after an animation has started will play animations late, but this should fix the stuttering.
  • Improved controller navigation in advanced settings.
  • Added some example color correction files.
  • Explosions now deal full damage within a small radius of their epicenter, and damage falloff only starts beyond that distance.
  • Tech marines can now manually override the boot-up sequence of an unlocked computer that has downloadable data, and will automatically start the hack on a locked computer after 4 seconds.


  • Added trigger_tonemap brush entity. This trigger overrides the active tonemap controller for characters inside its volume, and is overridden by the new SetTonemapController VScript function.
  • Changed fog_volume to be based on the position of the currently-controlled character’s eyes rather than the camera position. Some maps may need to be edited to shift their fog_volume entities north if they were originally made to compensate for the camera shift. fog_volume can now be overridden by the new SetFogController, SetPostProcessController, and SetColorCorrection VScript functions.
  • Added an option to asw_spawner to ignore carnage scaling, for spawners where the number of aliens being increased due to higher difficulty is undesirable (eg. spawners used for cinematics).
  • Additional colonist models are now available for use as ragdolls.


  • CASW_Marine::GetMarineName() no longer leaks memory on every call and now properly translates the name.
  • Added GetCommander method to inhabitable NPCs (eg. marines).
  • Added SetFogController method to inhabitable NPCs.
  • Added SetPostProcessController method to inhabitable NPCs.
  • Added SetColorCorrection method to inhabitable NPCs.
  • Added SetTonemapController method to inhabitable NPCs.