Update – May 30, 2022

Today’s update fixes some bugs with instant restart and adds support for text filtering, plus a few more tweaks.


  • ML30 Laser Trip Mine: Added asw_skill_laser_mines_base, asw_skill_laser_mines_moderate, and asw_skill_laser_mines_expert convars.
  • IAF Tesla Sentry Coil: Added rd_tesla_trap_area_damage and rd_tesla_trap_area_damage_interval convars.
  • Chainsaw: Fixed this weapon throwing more sparks than intended.
  • TG-05 Gas Grenades: Added a visual smoke trail.


  • Added physics collision to models/props/machinery/crane/support01.mdl.
  • Added physics collision to models/props/doors/slow_heavy_door/slow_heavy_door.mdl.
  • Game instructor will now recommend using the v45 Electric Charged Armor when infested.
  • Fixed the game instructor hint to give another marine ammo not showing the correct button on controller.
  • Alien Swarm: Reactive Drop now uses Steam’s settings for chat filtering.
  • You can edit your Steam chat filtering settings on the Steam Store at https://store.steampowered.com/account/preferences#CommunityContentPreferences.
  • If you want to turn off chat filtering without changing your Steam settings, add rd_text_filtering 0 to autoexec.cfg.
  • This filter only affects received messages. What you say in chat is not filtered by your client.
  • Censored words are replaced with strings of asterisks.
  • Fixed music persisting through an instant restart.
  • Fixed “switch marines” bind on controller not working while dead.
  • Fixed missing Rich Presence information for non-campaign missions.
  • Improved handling of first/third person state related to asw_broadcast_camera.
  • Fixed instant restart only awarding experience for the first attempt.
  • Ranked servers may now use rd_auto_fast_restart.