Update – May 28, 2022

Today’s update includes mission-specific fixes, controller improvements, and instant restart.


  • Tears for Tarnor: Insertion Point: The escape area now includes the south end of the room.
  • Tears for Tarnor: Oasis Colony Spaceport: Fixed the mission not ending if a marine was outside of the train exactly 3 seconds after the train began to move.
  • Nam Humanum: Platform XVII: Fixed “No Caption Specified” appearing when some buttons were pressed.
  • BioGen Corporation: Operation x5: Fixed “No Caption Specified” appearing when some buttons were pressed.


  • Reverted alien glow on low shader detail. Aliens still glow on medium and higher, and rangers still glow on low as they did before the previous change.


  • IAF Tesla Cannon: Fixed bots being unable to fire if the player that added them was facing a different direction.
  • IAF Tesla Cannon: Fixed being unable to target enemy marines in Deathmatch mode.
  • TG-05 Gas Grenades: Bots now deal friendly fire damage with this weapon.


  • Removed Tears for Tarnor specific drone variants with no descriptions from the Swarmopedia.
  • Fixed Controller option on the pause menu not opening the controller settings page.
  • Fixed Controller Aim to Movement setting requiring mouse interaction to change.
  • Fixed actions that center the mouse cursor (remote turret, radial menus, etc) interrupting controller input.
  • Controller d-pad inputs are now radial menus by default.
  • Updated game instructor to understand IAF Medical Gun alt fire and new controller radial menus.
  • Fixed score-based missions only showing the current score to spectators.
  • Restarting a mission no longer requires loading.