Update – May 23, 2020

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An update for Alien Swarm: Reactive Drop has been released. The major changes include:

  • Added minimap rotation by ezhik
  • Allowed workshop add-ons to update particles_manifest.txt to add new particle files. This also allows workshop add-ons to override only one particle effect, without overriding the entire file. See this guide
  • Added a ConVar that allows toggling flashlight even without having flashlight equipped by M@GISTER
  • Updated minigun sound to be similar to the original Alien Swarm sound
  • Allowed challenges to change camera angle


  • Add asw_flashlight ConCommand by M@GISTER. If server or challenge has rd_allow_flashlight 1 set players can use asw_flashlight command to toggle flashlight even without having it equipped.
  • Add Flashlight keyboard setting
  • Add minigunstop.wav. This adds slight aftershot sound after minigun stopped firing.
    Just like flamer and extinguisher.
  • Add minimap rotation by ezhik. The mini-map HUD elements in the bottom right corner of the screen are now rotated according to the camera rotation of the player (or the spectated player in spectator mode)
  • Add rd_aim_marines ConVar
  • Add rd_force_spectate_marine cvar. rd_force_spectate_marine can be used in demo playback to change the perspective to a different marine.
  • Add sv_workshop_debug & cl_workshop_debug ConVars. If set to 1(0 by default) workshop addon loading will be printed in console.
  • Add stubs for queen and shaman sounds
  • Display general leaderboard for Easy and Normal difficulty
  • Fix devastator not shooting when holding secondary attack key
  • Fix game considers workshop overview files as separate maps for leaderboards. Scores will be uploaded to proper leaderboard even if overview file comes from workshop
  • Increase deagle sound volume for non-local marines. Other player’s deagle sounds will be louder.
  • Make asw_cam_marine_dist server controlled
  • Make asw_cam_marine_pitch server controlled
  • Remove particles_manifest.txt from blacklisted files. This allows addons to add custom particles. Your particles_manifest.txt needs to include only the newly added particle files(PCF).
  • Update minigunloop.wav to sound like Alien Swarm minigun