Update – March 8, 2019

An update to Alien Swarm: Reactive Drop has been released. The update will be applied automatically when you restart Steam. The major changes include:

  • Improved game performance in many maps. Frame rate is more stable now.
  • Added Bonus Mission 6, which is the original undivided version of High Tension mission(thanks to Eerie-Eg)
  • Improved medic bot’s healing abilities(thanks to element109)
  • Reworked the starting area of Arctic Infiltration mission


  • Fixed frame rate stutter and various little things in several maps
  • Medic bot now heals infested marine without waiting until health reaches low limit. By element109
  • Make medic bot immediately heal marine which is on fire. Also fix medic couldn’t start healing infested marines because their health was not lower than 85% of total health.
  • Add more fence models to lights.rad to forcetextureshadow list. These affect Deima map, near the first hack there was a big black unrealistic shadow coming from a fence. Compiling with this new lights.rad make shadow more accurate.
  • Fix minor issues in Deima mission
  • Removed a light stand which was floating in-air
  • Fixed some spawners spamming errors in console for missing activities
  • Fixed players could get under map during death camera slowdown
  • Fixed aliens could run through air after marines passed the ship bridge and ship flew away
  • Added more player spawn points to fulfill 8 spawn points requirement
  • Fix minor issues in Timor Station mission
  • Prevented Grenade Launcher’s grenades to fly into the sky in place near the biomass block
  • Fixed aliens from hordes getting stuck in non playable map areas
  • Added more player spawn points to fulfill 8 spawn points requirement
  • Rework the starting area in til3ArcticInfiltration
  • Fix several minor issues in area9800LZ and til2RoadToDawn
  • Fix pipe glitch in par5crucial_point, by Eerie-Eg
  • Fix crashes at first holdout area in par4high_tension, by Eerie-Eg
  • Add bonus_mission6 into Bonus Missions campaign. High Tension undivided.
  • Improve bonus_mission6(High Tension undivided), by Eerie-Eg
  • Fixed crashes during first holdout
  • Ported changes from split versions of High Tension into the undivided one