Update – March 30, 2018

This update addresses issues with HiDPI displays and display scaling, bots and adds a new cvar for use in add-ons.


  • Fix marine bots collision group. Fixes issue where marines were teleporting through elevators, and falling to the ground below the ship at the start of rd-til8comcenter.
  • Add rd_queen_hud_suppress_time Cvar. It is used to suppress the Swarm Queen’s health HUD if not damaged for this long seconds (-1 to always show).
  • Fix title of Bonus Mission 5.
  • Fix bots don’t get into train in tft3Spaceport map
  • Improve nodegraph in tft3Spaceport
  • Update reactivedrop.exe with HiDPI aware flag. This should resolve numerous issues with HiDPI displays or when Windows text and apps scaling is set to be above 100%. Previously users have had game window opened in a size(resolution) that is bigger than user’s monitor resolution and thus were unable to change the resolution and any options(because most of UI was off screen).

We’re also looking for a person capable of drawing new promotion icons which fit the original Alien Swarm style. If you feel you’re up for the task please create a new discussion in our feedback subforum where we can discuss the details. Feel free to submit your designs and ideas for the new promotion icons.