Update – March 23, 2018

This update brings bug fixes and a new VScript function for use in add-ons.


  • Fix vindicator and devastator shotgun shell ejection. Previously only one shotgun shell was ejected after multiple shots. Now each shot ejects an empty shotgun shell.
  • Fix aliens crowding on an incapacitated marine’s body. When marine is incapacitated and other marines are not around aliens were piling up around the incapacitated body.
  • Fix grenade launcher’s grenade colliding with bot marines
  • Make npc_cscanner not collide grenade launcher’s grenades and players
  • Fix drones warping through marines in ASBI challenge
  • Added the following VScript function for CBaseEntity. PrecacheModel( string modelPath ) //Precache a model after the map has loaded.
  • Fix asw_buzzer SpeedScale. It’s now possible to change the m_fSpeedScale for the buzzer
  • Fix Take A Break being greyed out on servers which have lobby disabled