Update – March 14, 2018

This is mostly a bugfix update. Most notably it fixes an issue with aliens and bot marines attacking the scanner on Hostile Places mission(see picture above), Level One challenge and leaderboards for Bonus Missions.

List of our know issues and feature requests is available here

Change log

  • Fix rd_hp_regen affecting incapacitated marines
  • Fix Bonus Mission 4 and 5 leaderboards are not being populated
  • Reset Bonus Mission 1 leaderboard
  • Add Change Mission button in Singleplayer lobby
  • Fix Steam Overlay issue in lobby. Fixes an issue where if the Steam Overlay is disabled, clicking on any player name and choosing to open his/her profile wouldn’t open a window. Fixes getting stuck if trying to open the window when the chat HUD is active.
  • Fix “-rd_max_depth_texture_shadows 8” startup argument not working as expected. “-rd_max_depth_texture_shadows 8” startup argument can now be used to increase the number of high quality shadows drawn on screen at the same time. Useful when rd_flashlightshadows 1
  • Update rd_infinite_ammo. It no longer affects the medguns or fire extinguisher. Use “rd_medgun_infinite_ammo” and “rd_fire_extinguisher_infinite” respectively.
  • Fix weapon insta-reload if dropped. Fixes an issue where if a marine begins reloading a weapon and then drops it, upon picking the weapon back up it will instantly finish reloading.
  • Fix rd_weapons_extra_class_unrestricted working incorrectly
  • Add new VScript functions
  • CBaseEntity
  • StopSound( string soundName ) //Stop sound from entity
  • Global
  • AddThinkToEnt( handle entity, string funcName ) //Adds a late bound think function to the C++ think tables for the obj
  • GetListenServerHost() //Get the host player on a listen server
  • IsDedicatedServer() //Returns true if this is a dedicated server
  • Fix asw_spawn_buzzer description typo
  • Fix asw_buzzer alien_selection.txt KeyValues. Flammable, teslable and other keys now properly work for asw_buzzer definition
  • Fix m_iMaxHealth not set for some aliens. The aliens affected are; asw_harvester, asw_mortarbug, asw_parasite and asw_shieldbug.
  • Add Cvars to set aliens’ default health. Added “rd_harvester_health”. Added “rd_parasite_defanged_health”. Added “rd_parasite_health”. Added “rd_shieldbug_health”
  • Fix Level One challenge allows picking any extra item
  • Fix npcs attacking npc_cscanner. NPCs will no longer attack the npc_cscanner on rd-par2hostile_places.
  • Make rd_max_marines non cheat var. It is now possible to host dedicated server with e.g. 4 playable slots and other slots being spectators.
  • Fix cl_selectm can be used to select more than rd_max_marines allows. Players could use cl_selectm console command to select more marines than the current challenge allows. E.g. cl_selectm 0 5 will select Sarge for 5th slot. This didn’t work if slot was specified as -1
  • Print a message in chat if rd_max_marines limit is reached. When player tries to select a marine when rd_max_marines is enabled and there are no free slots left a message will be printed in chat saying why player can’t select a marine.
  • Add rd_extinguisher_dmg_amount Cvar. If set higher than zero extinguisher projectiles will cause damage to aliens or marines.
  • Fix asw_stim_time_scale. It can now be set above 0.35 without breaking slomo_breath.wav.
  • Fix swarmopedia’s materials for boomer and parasite. Previously they were giving red errors in console when Swarmopedia was opened