Update – June 6, 2022

Today’s update includes fixes for first person and some upgraded objectives for mappers.


  • Fixed the auto-aim icon not appearing on enemies when using a controller.
  • Fixed being unable to turn in first person on controller.
  • Fixed the vindicator’s secondary fire aiming at the marine’s feet in first person.
  • Fixed other weapons changing the aim angle when using secondary fire.
  • Marines are no longer pushed in circles if they walk into another marine in first person while facing south.
  • The current player’s marine now has a shadow and a reflection in first person.
  • Fixed bot marines being invisible when swapping marines in first person.
  • Marines now aim at the crosshair in first person rather than aiming parallel to their eyeline.
  • Arbitrary minimap rotation (such as in first person or during death cam) will now cause objective areas and the map texture to be clipped to the minimap area rather than the weird stretching that existed before.
  • Added some missing alien names for asw_objective_kill_aliens.
  • Fixed asw_controls 0 sometimes acting like asw_controls 1 in multiplayer.


  • Removed deprecated fields from asw_objective_* in Hammer. Specifying one map marker with the BRACKETS syntax will still work as before for compatibility with existing maps.
  • Added a SetIncomplete input to asw_marker.
  • asw_marker can now be rotated, including during gameplay.
  • asw_marker positions and statuses now update immediately rather than once per second.
  • Added SetProgress and SetMaxProgress inputs to asw_objective_triggered. These can also have their initial values configured on the entity. If max progress is positive, objective progress for things like end-of-mission experience is determined by these inputs. Does not automatically mark the objective as complete or incomplete.
  • asw_objective_countdown can now be configured to be any type of disaster countdown, not just nuclear detonations. Sounds, text, and failure animation are editable in Hammer.
  • asw_objective_countdown can now be started again after it has been cancelled.
  • Implemented asw_objective_kill_queen.