Update – June 2, 2022

Today’s update adds an official First Person challenge, fixes sticking points in instant restart, improves readability on small screens, and fixes damage visual effects.


  • Fixed zombies, headcrabs, and antlions not showing overlays for status effects.
  • Fixed AI and ragdolls for headcrabs.
  • Fixed a hitch when antlion workers used their ranged attack for the first time in a level.
  • Fixed antlion worker spit aim.
  • Antlions and headcrabs that deal poison damage now use the HL2 behavior for poison (heal over time).


  • Instant Restart: Now clears spawn selection.
  • Instant Restart: Now clears the VScript VM.
  • Instant Restart: Now clears loadout editing state for briefing.
  • Instant Restart: Now clears the mission restart countdown.
  • Instant Restart: Chat is no longer closed during restart.
  • Fixed a server crash when a marine with no associated player tried to move.
  • Computers and wire panels no longer show the mouse cursor if a controller is being used to access them.
  • Deselecting a marine in briefing now properly clears the tooltip.
  • If rd_chatwipe is 0, chat history is no longer temporarily hidden when the mission starts.
  • Added an official First Person challenge.
  • Fixed first segment of rd_boss_bar being misaligned.
  • View punch, poison blur, screen shake, and HUD damage indicators now work while spectating.
  • The main HUD font no longer scales below 20px (960px tall resolution). At 720p, this is 33% larger, and at 800p (Steam Deck resolution) this is 20% larger.


  • Changed how info_marine_hint and info_node_marine_hint look in Hammer to avoid confusion with other hint entities.