Update – June 19, 2022

We’re working on some map changes, but while you wait, here are some fixes for aliens and updates for weapons and the UI.


The Translator medal was awarded a few days ago. Beta Tester is available from completing any mission on the beta branch, and can now be equipped. People liked the error placeholder icon, so we’re keeping it for Beta Tester.

We have awarded the Programmer, Mapper, Challenger, Guide, and Artist medals. (That’s every community medal except for Reporter.) If we missed you and you have opened the game within the past 30 days, let us know here.

If you haven’t opened the game in the past 30 days, we can’t put the medal in your inventory, but we will keep retrying nightly if you have been marked as eligible for one until we can grant it.


The map changes that are in the beta branch have been held back from this release.


  • Fixed a bug where shieldbugs could be damaged from the front if a shot hit part of their middle leg during certain frames in their defend stance.
  • Aliens can now display textures for multiple status effects at the same time (fire, shock, and ice).
  • Piercing weapons can now penetrate recently killed frozen aliens.
  • Fixed a cause of buzzer poison getting stuck.


  • M73 Twin Pistols: Limited fire rate to 10 per real time second (not affected by adrenaline) in co-op, the same as deathmatch.
  • l3a Tactical Heavy Armor: Updated the briefing description of this item.
  • IAF Power Fist Attachment: Reduced passive melee damage bonus from 2x to 1.5x.
  • IAF Power Fist Attachment: The final hit of a melee combo now deals 40x damage, for a total of 60x base melee damage in a single hit.


  • Updated German translation.
  • Updated Italian translation.
  • Updated Korean translation.
  • Updated Russian translation.


  • The Tech scanner has been upgraded to differentiate between different sizes and shapes of moving objects.
  • Fixed the arrow in the advanced settings header being too big and blocking clicks.
  • Medals now use a smaller base texture size (32×32 rather than 512×512) for the small version in lobbies, which should make them look slightly less jagged.
  • Out-of-mission buttons that are activated by a face button now display that face button if a controller is plugged in.
  • Fixed ingame HoIAF leaderboard being slightly taller than its scrollable area.
  • Tweaked the HUD layout for the bottom of the screen to support 8-marine squads better.
  • Opening certain website links will use the system browser if the Steam Overlay is disabled.
  • HoIAF servers now automatically install the full list of ranked maps and challenges. See the rd_workshop_official_addons convar.
  • Updated the description of the “Perfect” achievement to state that killing 25 aliens is also a requirement.
  • Inventory item (medal) updates such as descriptions and icons can now apply without restarting the game if the game is left open for a long time.
  • Fixed a rare crash in debriefing.
  • Fixed spectating a computer or hack using the spectator’s mouse position for the cursor type.


  • PDA owner names can now be translation keys.


  • Added player.ResurrectMarine().
  • Added entindex and marine fields to the player_deploy_ammo game event.
  • Added tesla_trap_placed, fire_mine_placed, laser_mine_placed, laser_mine_placed, gas_grenade_placed, flare_placed, and rocket_fired game events, all with entindex and marine fields.
  • Swapped the attacker and inflictor for damage dealt by fires such as those from mines. The marine is now correctly the attacker and the fire the inflictor.