Update – June 13, 2022

Today’s update includes map changes, translation updates, and some polish on the medals system.


A quick update on the changes that have happened since the release of the medals system:

The art for the Heroes of the Interstellar Armed Forces medals has been remade by Ax-now. There are now four variations of the “top 100” medal, cycling once each per year.

Players with the “top 100” medal have also been awarded the participation medal, in case they prefer how it looks.

Medal icons now load from the API rather than being packaged with the game, so in the future adding new medals will not require a game update. They’re also slightly sharper than before.

We’re in the process of adding community medals. They can’t be equipped yet, and as of this post only Beta Tester and Translator medals have been given out. Once they have icons, they will be equippable without the need for an additional game update.

The Beta Tester medal is automatically given to anyone who completes a mission on the beta branch. Due to a bug, some of you may have gotten it earlier today just by starting the game during a certain time window. Oops! Consider yourselves honorary beta testers.


  • Research 7: Illyn Forest: Fixed some drones moving at 1.5x the intended speed.
  • Research 7: Illyn Forest: Fixed director parasites spawning underground.
  • Research 7: Illyn Forest: Inverted colors of generator health bar to avoid confusion.
  • Research 7: Illyn Forest: Replaced a dynamic light with static lighting to improve frame rate.
  • Research 7: Illyn Forest: Improved end generator area visuals.
  • Research 7: Illyn Forest: The generator being broken no longer fails the mission; it can now be repaired.
  • Tilarus-5: Midnight Port: Fixed another case of quantum-entangled doors.
  • Lana’s Escape (all missions): Fixed mission titles missing “Lana’s”.
  • Lana’s Escape: Lana’s Sewer: Reduced shaman healing speed on easy, normal, and hard.
  • Paranoia: Crucial Point: Fixed aliens near the end of the mission getting stuck.


  • Added rd_buzzer_blur convar as a method of disabling blurpoison effects for computers that don’t handle it well.
  • Experimentally changed how buzzer poison is updated (asw_motionblur_forceupdate). If you want to help squash this bug, see the thread in the community hub discussions.


  • Temporary weapons (except for generic objects and extra weapons) can now be picked up in an empty primary or secondary slot.


  • Updated Chinese translation.
  • Updated German translation.
  • Updated Italian translation.
  • Fixed inventory item data that appears on the Steam Community always being shown in English ingame.


  • The in-game HoIAF leaderboard can now be toggled to show Steam friends or nearby-ranked players and has a button to open the website.
  • asw_player_avoidance is now replicated and thus available for use in challenges.
  • Fixed a crash when a marine tried to move on an empty server.
  • Added HUD support for asw_draw_kills 1.
  • Added cl_auto_restart_mission, a convar that causes the lobby leader to restart missions on fail automatically.
  • Minimum controller aim distance moved slightly further from the marine.
  • Fixed a rare case where chat could lose keyboard input focus.


  • Fixed SetSpeedModSpeed input not working on marines.