Update – June 10, 2022

Today’s update adds medals, fixes a wide range of bugs in official campaigns and the UI, and adds a few goodies for mappers.


You can equip a medal from your Steam inventory and it will appear in lobbies (not in demos or singleplayer) next to your promotion and level.

There are three medals currently available to start: a medal for participating in Heroes of the Interstellar Armed Forces (awarded at the end of a season), an upgraded version of the medal for placing in the top 100, and a medal you can earn by completing the Ready for Duty achievement in Team Fortress 2.

We’ve granted medals for Heroes of the Interstellar Armed Forces Season 1 to about three quarters of the participants. We can’t add items to your inventory if you haven’t played for over a month, but we will retry weekly for up to a year. If you’re missing a medal from longer than a year ago and you’ve played the game recently, contact support@reactivedrop.com.


  • Jacob’s Rest: Landing Bay: Disallow director on spawners that spawn aliens from air or metal floor.
  • Jacob’s Rest: Landing Bay: Move some spawners so that spawned aliens aren’t stuck in clips.
  • Jacob’s Rest: Landing Bay: Convert some nodes to marine hints, so that onslaught aliens aren’t stuck.
  • Jacob’s Rest: Cargo Elevator: Fix visible spawn animations of drones climbing out of concrete floor.
  • Jacob’s Rest: Cargo Elevator: Fix spam in console for missing unborrow activities for parasites and harvesters.
  • Jacob’s Rest: Cargo Elevator: Prevent harvesters appearing from air near marines.
  • Operation Cleansweep: Storage Facility: Fixed three doors existing in a quantum state where welding one could weld the others as well.
  • Operation Cleansweep: Storage Facility: Made a decorative door near the end of the mission indestructable.
  • Research 7: Research 7: Fixed some places where aliens could fall through the floor.
  • Research 7: Research 7: Fixed some invisible walls when rotating the camera.
  • Research 7: Illyn Forest: Changed how aliens attack during the generator defense event. Aliens should no longer get stuck in an unkillable attacking state. The generator can now take friendly fire damage.
  • Research 7: Illyn Forest: Updated lighting and water.
  • Research 7: Jericho Mines: Removed the mechanic of destroying the door panel which only confuses players and makes them locked with the queen and fail the mission.
  • Research 7: Jericho Mines: Significantly reduced the chance the queen will be blocked by anything. Including barrels, sentries, aliens.
  • Research 7: Jericho Mines: Allowed usage of sentries, but they will be destroyed by queen if players try to block her.
  • Research 7: Jericho Mines: Added backpacks to dead on-map marines bodies.
  • Research 7: Jericho Mines: Improved visuals for rotated camera.
  • Research 7: Jericho Mines: Added soundscapes.
  • Tilarus-5: Communication Center: Fixed some light props hanging in the air.


  • Updated Chinese translation.
  • Updated Italian translation.
  • Fixed out-of-date compiled closed captions for some languages.


  • Disabled the game instructor hints for “toggle equipment orders” and “hold to walk” on controller.
  • Added some stat tracking for use in a future update.
  • Fixed some developer messages being written to the console with developer 0.
  • Fixed minimap rotating independent of view when spectating a bot in first person.
  • Death cam now temporarily forces the camera to third person if enabled.
  • Fixed a game freeze when selecting the “find more” option in the mission chooser with the Steam Overlay disabled.
  • Fixed a crash when looking up a challenge’s metadata while partially connected to a server.
  • rd_dump_workshop_mapping_client and rd_dump_workshop_mapping_server can now be filtered by specifying a filename prefix.
  • Kills are now tracked per player rather than per marine when updating global stats. This means that if you inhabit multiple marines in a mission, you will get credit for all of your kills on the stats website, and if you switch to a bot marine that had many kills right before the mission ends, those kills will not count towards your stats.
  • The mission chooser will default to the campaign you selected when switching missions before creating a lobby, and to the deathmatch tab when voting on a map to play after a deathmatch map ends.
  • Connecting to a server via a lobby now checks server_blacklist.txt.
  • The dedicated server browser window will no longer get stuck open.
  • Disabled asw_instant_restart on challenges that use vscript.
  • Added asw_instant_restart_debug to log the actions taken during an instant restart.
  • Added convar asw_marine_shadows, which can be disabled to remove shadows from marines and potentially boost frame rate.
  • Clicking a name on the F9 player list now opens their Steam profile in the overlay.
  • Added asw_client_chatter_rate (client) and asw_client_chatter_enabled (server) to limit the cl_chatter command. By default, it is limited to 1 voice line per second and the cl_chatter command is allowed.
  • Added a change mission button in the campaign transition screen.
  • Added a default player name color for players not controlling a marine, and made player names team-colored in team deathmatch.
  • Non-campaign missions now save selected marines between retries.
  • Fixed a bug where watching a recording of yourself accepting a promotion would accept a promotion if you were eligible to promote.


  • Added the “silent” keyvalue to all types of grenades. Setting it to 1 prevents the grenade from producing any sound.
  • Added the CreateEffects input to boomer and mortarbug explosives. This spawns the sounds (unless “silent” is set) and particle effects that would normally be spawned when an alien creates these explosives.
  • Added rd_door_melee_damage, asw_welding_scale, and asw_goo_burning_damage convars for use in challenges.
  • Added a GamePause vscript function.
  • Challenge convars are re-checked more frequently.