Update – June 1, 2022

Today’s update is a maintenance release, fixing some bugs as Heroes of the Interstellar Armed Forces rolls over to the start of Season 2.


  • Certain older Workshop addons are now marked as Bonus Missions or Deathmatch in the new mission chooser.
  • Added rd_workshop_unconditional_download_item convar for dedicated servers as an experimental workaround for addons not receiving updates. Set it to -1 to update every addon at server start, or a positive number to update every addon after that many map loads.
  • Cleaned up some unnecessarily chatty logging.
  • Manual mission restarts now stop adrenaline.
  • Error messages that use EResult error codes will also include the corresponding name.
  • Fixed challenge names being truncated to 3 bytes in the server browser.
  • Fixed inability to activate ingamebriefing or playerlist after an instant restart.
  • Fixed missing location (mission) names on screenshots.
  • Heroes of the Interstellar Armed Forces: Added the Accident 32 campaign to the list of approved missions.