Update – July 8, 2022

Today’s update is a maintenance build. It is mostly bug fixes, with a few new toys for mappers to play with.

Steam Deck Compatibility

In case you missed it, Alien Swarm: Reactive Drop is now Steam Deck Verified! As always, report anything that doesn’t feel right on the Steam discussion forums or via the feedback form on the website.


  • Jacob’s Rest: Sewer Junction B5: Fixed some places where the skybox could be seen through the floor or walls near the start of the level.
  • Jacob’s Rest: Sewer Junction B5: Removed skybox fog that was causing bright reflections in water.
  • Nam Humanum: Groundwork Labs: Fixed some console warnings at map start.


  • Aliens with “flammable” set to false by mappers can no longer be ignited by any means.


  • Updated Chinese translation.
  • Updated German translation.
  • Updated Italian translation.
  • Updated Korean translation.
  • Updated Russian translation.


  • The “Freezing Bullets” power-up effect now freezes aliens for 3 seconds rather than 100.
  • The game instructor will no longer suggest using a mining laser on boulders that have a damage filter defined.
  • Fixed a console warning when a player with no medal equipped takes over the lobby position of a player with a medal equipped before that player’s medal finishes loading.
  • Fixed a regression where scanner blips would not display motion.
  • Added convar asw_draw_blips_real_time, which can be disabled to make scanner blips immobile.
  • Fixed the “order marine to hold position” command always acting as if the camera was pointing north.
  • Fixed map drawing speed being affected by slow motion.
  • Added some diagnostics for the NO STEAM error screen.
  • The new convar rd_skip_all_dialogue disables all voiceover audio and captions from characters like Williams, Richard, and Duval.
  • Added convar rd_loading_status_text_visible, which can be disabled to remove the loading screen progress description.
  • Added convar rd_fail_advice, which can be disabled to remove the hints on the mission failure screen.
  • Removed lobbies that are on dedicated servers from the lobby browser by default.
  • Fixed handling of UTF-8 files with byte order marks for files that get loaded from every addon.
  • Fixed a client-server desync when an instant restart occurred during slow motion.
  • Instant restart can now occur on challenges that use scripts.


  • npc_bullseye can now be part of a faction and scale damage based on whether it came from that faction. Clarified what the Enemy Damage Only spawnflag means.
  • Added asw_voiceover_dialogue, a much simpler way to add voiceover audio to a mission than using Faceposer. Unlike logic_choreographed_scene, it cannot play multiple audio files, control NPC actors, or be interrupted.
  • Endless missions without the “points” tag now sort leaderboard entries in descending order of time.
  • Dropped weapons can now be detected by trigger brushes.
  • Added two orange skyboxes, one from Left 4 Dead and one from Half-Life 2: Episode One, for use in maps where a blue skybox doesn’t make sense.
  • trigger_serverragdoll now works on marines.


  • Fixed a bug where a challenge would inherit game event handlers from the map if it did not define its own function for any given event.
  • Added a global IsAnniversaryWeek function for community maps that want to do something to celebrate Alien Swarm: Reactive Drop’s anniversary.
  • Added OnGameEvent_fast_reload_fail.