Update – July 31, 2022

Today’s update contains changes to computer interaction, a new advanced volume settings menu, new graphics for gas grenades, a new translation and many translation updates, some polish to the user interface, and of course, bug fixes.


  • Tears for Tarnor: Abandoned Maintenance Tunnels: Added a constraint group to the crane platform to avoid strange physics interactions.


  • Added an experimental system where aliens can be controlled by players. There is currently no gameplay or UI associated with this system. Aliens can be inhabited using the asw_inhabit_npc concommand and spectated using the asw_spectate_npc concommand. Both of these concommands are cheats. In this initial version, rangers and harvesters have the ability to attack in this mode.


  • TG-05 Gas Grenades: The visuals for this weapon have been updated.
  • The gas cloud and grenade trail are now yellow rather than green.
  • The gas cloud now visually fills the entire area of effect.
  • The gas cloud is now culled based on a visibility proxy rather than by map geometry. (The same way that glows from light sources are culled.)
  • There is now a red circle on the floor where the gas grenade is dealing damage.
  • Fixed the HUD damage indicator not appearing for damage caused by gas grenades.


  • Added Brazilian Portuguese translation.
  • Updated Chinese translation.
  • Updated German translation.
  • Updated Italian translation.
  • Updated Japanese translation.
  • Updated Russian translation.
  • Added missing letter textures for Chinese, German, and Brazilian Portuguese mission success screens.
  • Compiled caption files are no longer used by the game.


  • Fixed a server crash during instant restart (ED_Alloc) when precaching entities pushed the edict number over the limit.
  • Reorganized the alien class hierarchy in the code to facilitate the addition of future features.
  • Moved the USE prompt to the side when hacking or using a computer.
  • Computer hacks no longer start automatically after 4 seconds.
  • Walking away from a computer after interacting with it no longer logs out of the computer. (The computer still returns to the main menu.)
  • Added convars (rd_mixer_*) that affect the volume of various types of audio.
  • Added “Advanced Volume Settings” to the audio menu.
  • Mission chooser titles can now wrap to the next line.
  • Made a bit of shaky text in net_graph less shaky.
  • Increased the default FPS limit by 1 to avoid rounding errors (on a 60Hz monitor, the limit will now start at 61, etc.)
  • Fixed dedicated servers having fps_max set by default.
  • showbudget can now be used in multiplayer.
  • Added a label to the “change view” button on the in-game HoIAF leaderboard to show what the current view is. Fixed the “no entries” error message getting stuck when changing between views.
  • The SourceTV bot no longer shows up as a player in lobbies, can no longer become the lobby leader, and no longer counts towards the 60% requirement for a kick or leader vote.
  • Closed captions in VCD cutscenes are now forced to be at least as long as the associated audio (rd_scene_extend_caption_to_sound).
  • Fixed debriefing charts showing the first occurance of a stat (such as friendly fire) as if it had happened immediately at the start of the mission.
  • Added convar rd_kick_inactive_players, which is the maximum number of seconds a player can remain connected to a server without taking any actions.
  • Fixed flyout menus in advanced settings staying open when switching to the next section.


  • Added a developer warning at mission start if any spawners are inside terrain.
  • Camera rotation is now enabled rather than disabled by default. Mappers who want to disable camera rotation for players who haven’t set a preference need to update their asw_gamerules entity.


  • VScript save files no longer end with a NUL byte. Fixed VScript save files without a terminating NUL byte loading part of the previously loaded file.
  • Fixed a client crash when calling Destroy on a player. (You still shouldn’t do that.)


  • Fixed cases where TileGen would fail to save files.