Update – February 23rd, 2018

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Thanks to Raymond Nondorf we now have a lot of new VScript functionality and cvars to power your most intricate mods.

This update brings all the changes from our beta branch into the release one. The main features include:

  • New VScript functions, NetProp Manager, cvars, game events to facilitate the creation of new exciting challenges.
  • Improved colonists support. BI Rescue mission from workshop will now properly work.
  • Graphics settings will now be set to High when the game is first launched on capable hardware.
  • Workshop’s sound add-ons will now properly work. Sound cache will be automatically updated to prevent sound glitches.
  • Bots are now smart enough to revive fallen team mates in challenges which have reviving enabled(e.g. Rifle Mod).
  • Marines now have different colors in Team Deathmatch.
  • Bugfixes, optimizations and improvements.
  • Removed Orion’s Threat campaign, its achievements, Bonus Mission 1 and associated content because of original author’s request. Orion’s Threat campaign evolved into an Adanaxis campaign which is currently available in workshop. Due to disagreements with the original author there are no current plans of integrating Adanaxis as an official campaign in Alien Swarm: Reactive Drop.
  • Bonus Mission 1 will now be Invisible Threat map by uradzimiru
  • Added bonus missions 4 and 5. Mission 4 being the tutorial mission Offline Practice(Landing Bay and Cargo elevator stitched in one) Mission 5 being the unsplit original Paranoia’s mission 2 Hostile Places

The detailed changelog is available in our beta discussion thread.
Note: some workshop challenges may not work properly due to changes in cvars. They need to be updated by their authors to use new cvars.