Update – August 16, 2023


  • Operation Cleansweep: Storage Facility: Removed tech marine requirement. Added a chainsaw near the first door and twin pistols near the last door.
  • Research 7: Illyn Forest: Removed “Melee” game instructor hint from blockade. (thanks Dmitriy!)
  • Research 7: Illyn Forest: Generator no longer takes damage from marines or explosions.
  • Research 7: Illyn Forest: Adjusted boss bar graphics.
  • Tilarus-5: Cold Catwalks: Fixed a misaligned railing. (thanks WTF-8!)
  • Paranoia: Crucial Point: The satellite dish no longer takes damage from marines. (It could previously be damaged with the Tesla Cannon.)
  • BioGen Corporation: Operation X-5: Fixed a spot where marines could fall out of the map. (thanks Blueberry!)
  • Accident 32: Information Department: Fixed reactor hack area sometimes being disabled.
  • Accident 32: Information Department: Made aliens move slower in water.
  • Accident 32: Powerhood: Changed eggs objective to clearing out any eggs rather than eggs in specific rooms in the map, for challenges that spawn additional eggs.
  • Accident 32: Powerhood: Unwelded supply room door and added more ammo types.
  • Accident 32: Research Center: Added a button to blow away the fog.
  • Accident 32: Research Center: Adjusted spawns.
  • Accident 32: J5 Connector: Made aliens move slower in the shower.
  • Accident 32 (all missions): Improved reflective surfaces.


  • Fixed the crosshair not rendering correctly for some users. This was most noticeable while hacking.
  • Fixed the mission chooser no longer showing bonus, endless, or deathmatch missions after viewing the missions in a campaign and then backing out.
  • Fixed a crash in the new PBR shader.
  • Fixed the L1/LB button ceasing to function after using the radial menu to activate equipment. This also fixes the marine swap radial menu sometimes dropping commands.
  • Reverted dedicated server workshop changes as they were causing unreasonably increased server load.
  • Fixed tech weapons requiring the ability to hack rather than specifically the ability to use tech weapons like weapons for other classes did.
  • Bots can no longer fire medic guns, the mining laser, or the tesla cannon after a mission has ended.


  • Voting to change the mission during briefing or after the mission has ended now only requires a majority of the voters to agree, not a majority of the players in the lobby. Repeatedly calling unsuccessful votes will result in a temporary cooldown. Voting to change the mission during gameplay is unchanged.
  • Muting a player in a lobby, voting to kick a player, or voting to make a player the lobby leader will now send a mini-report to our ticketing system if you have not performed that action on that player recently. We’re using this to test our reporting server while we work on a more versatile in-game reporting system.
  • The convars r_flashlightdepthres (1024), rd_max_depth_texture_shadows (1), r_flashlightdepthreshigh (2048), and rd_max_depth_texture_highres_shadows (0) can now be changed while the game is running (or added to autoexec.cfg). Changing them should only be done while not in a mission as they will cause your game to freeze for a few seconds while the render targets are reallocated. We might consider adding settings to change these in the future, but for now they’re being made available for power-users (people who are comfortable editing autoexec.cfg).