Update – April 28, 2022

Today’s update includes:


  • 22A7-Z Prototype Assault Rifle: Increased stopping power (flinch chance) from 20% to 28%.
  • M73 Twin Pistols: Fixed damage being unintentionally reduced on lower difficulties.
  • Model 35 Pump-action Shotgun: Increased clips from 8 to 12.
  • K80 Personal Defense Weapon: Increased clips from 10 to 12.


  • Viewing a player’s stats in a lobby now automatically sets the correct language for the web browser.
  • To avoid entirely missing strings, reactivedrop_english.txt and closecaption_english.txt are now loaded from addons as a fallback in addition to the correct language file. See the example campaign in the SDK.
  • Fixed Steam screenshots not having translated mission names.
  • Fixed mission names in voting not being translated.
  • Fixed the word “Challenge” in briefing not being translatable.
  • Fixed game description in server browser showing untranslated challenge names.
  • Fixed campaign transition screen showing untranslated campaign name.
  • Fixed campaign transition screen showing untranslated mission locations.
  • Made headings in the HoIAF leaderboard translatable.
  • Updated Chinese translation.
  • Updated German translation.
  • Updated Korean translation.


  • BioGen Corporation: Operation x5: Improved bot navigation, added details, tweaked alien spawn balance, optimized.
  • BioGen Corporation: Operation x5: Aliens being crushed by an elevator now take damage.
  • Nam Humanum: Platform XVII: Fixed music not loading due to a typo.
  • Nam Humanum: Groundwork Labs: Increased vis radius to avoid graphical pop-in in certain areas.
  • Tears for Tarnor: Oasis Colony Spaceport: Fixed music not loading due to a typo.
  • Moved Nam Humanum and BioGen Corporation to places in the campaign list based on their difficulty.


  • Main menu now re-executes autoexec.cfg after reverting convars.
  • Dedicated servers will now try harder to initialize a Steam connection, and will warn if no connection is available when trying to award points.
  • Changed some bunnyhopping related convars from developmentonly to cheat, making them available for challenges.
  • Added additional HoIAF participating servers in China and one in Germany.


  • The example campaign now shows how to make a custom campaign translatable.
  • Fixed the example for how to make a slow door allowing bullets through.
  • Added xenomite and shaman to FGD.
  • Added various alien NPC keyvalues to FGD.