Update – April 25, 2022

Here’s a list of today’s update’s changes:


  • 22A3-1 Assault Rifle: Increased alternate fire damage from 80 + 10 per Explosives Bonus to 128 + 20 per bonus. (Jaeger from 120 to 208, Sarge and Crash from 100 to 168, others from 80 to 128)
  • X33 Damage Amplifier: Increased duration loss for movement from 1× to 1.25×.
  • IAF Tesla Cannon: Fixed faster than intended marine turn rate when using secondary fire.
  • IAF Minigun: After a period of sustained firing, bullets have an additional chance of piercing.
  • IAF Minigun: Base damage increased from 7 to 8.
  • Chainsaw: Fixed faster than intended marine turn rate when using secondary fire.
  • 22A4-2 Combat Rifle: Increased base damage from 5 to 6.
  • Mining Laser: Fixed faster than intended marine turn rate when using secondary fire.
  • Mining Laser: Automatic reload on empty now works for secondary fire as well.
  • Mining Laser: Base damage increased from 50 to 52 on [strike]living targets[/strike] all targets except laserable rocks.


  • ReactiveDrop and CloseCaption translation files are now loaded from every addon. If you are making a translation addon, only include the strings that you have changed.
  • ReactiveDrop and CloseCaption translation files are reloaded when the addon list is changed, for example by subscribing to a Workshop addon.
  • Added challenge names and descriptions, campaign names and descriptions, and mission names, locations, descriptions, and briefings to the translation files.
  • Removed unused hl2_*.txt translation files.
  • Removed unused *_korean.txt translation files. (Korean language uses *_koreana.txt files)
  • Updated Korean translation.


  • Mapper-set Antlion and Antlion Worker health bonuses are now applied.
  • Antlion Worker health is now based on the correct cvar. The default value of sk_antlion_worker_health has been set to 24 to avoid having this affect balance.
  • Antlion Guard (both variants) health now scales with difficulty. Base health has been changed from 1000 to 500, so health without difficulty modifiers has changed from 1000/1000/1000/1000/1000 to 300/500/700/1000/1300.


  • Fixed a crash when a marine without a commander tries to move (empty dedicated servers).
  • Added a check at lobby creation for stuck Nam Humanum campaign achievements. If any of these five achievements are found to be in an inconsistent state, it will be reset to allow progress.
  • Added a new Heroes of the Interstellar Armed Forces participating server in China.


  • The DifficultyModifier setting in campaign files has been fixed to function when fixed skill points are in use (the default). Campaign authors, check to see if your campaign has DifficultyModifier set for any missions and determine whether you want to keep old behavior by removing it.