Beta update – 9 Mar, 2023 @ 23:41 UTC

  • Slightly increased the size of damage numbers.
  • Fixed GetClips/GetMaxClips/SetClips not working properly on weapons that do not reload or weapons that are not being held.
  • Fixed VScript ammo functions handling minigun ammo wrong.
  • Added VScript methods to marines: IsInfested, IsElectrifiedArmorActive, OrderHackArea, OrderUseItem, OrderFollowSquadLeader, OrderHoldPosition, and OrderMoveTo.
  • You can now access the back button on the select marine screen with a controller.
  • Dual weapons (Pistol, PDW) now show doubled clips via an icon rather than doubling the visible number of reloads.
  • Fire extinguisher particles no longer invisibly bounce off of walls.