Beta update – 9 Feb, 2022 @ 01:16 UTC

  • Fixed collision inconsistencies with mines and grenades.
  • Speedrun achievements can now be earned in singleplayer.
  • Fixed several rare crashes.
  • Optimized several frequently-called functions.

  • Fixed doors getting stuck with negative health if they were killed from the side they were dented towards.
  • Fixed buzzer poison getting stuck if you died to a buzzer attack and didn’t switch to another marine.
  • Fixed a rare case of unhatched parasites appearing to be outside of their eggs.
  • Removed immunity to explosion damage when fully submerged in water, most noticeable on parasites.
  • Fixed drones sometimes warping past a marine on challenges that increased their speed greatly.
  • Fixed drones getting stuck on info_node_climb.

Mapping / Modding
  • Added the ability to require a held rd_weapon_generic_object to activate an trigger_asw_button_area.
  • Added rd_func_jumpjet, which makes an area always allowed as the target of Jump Jets or a Blink Pack.
  • Added SetParent and ClearParent VScript functions.
  • Aliens can now be set to reflect projectiles.
  • The sentry base model can be modified to have a skin for each sentry type.