Beta update – 8 Jun, 2022 @ 20:11 UTC


You can equip (currently only through the developer console; UI coming in a later beta) a medal from your Steam inventory and it will appear in lobbies (not in demos or singleplayer) next to your promotion and level.

There are three medals currently available to start: a medal for participating in Heroes of the Interstellar Armed Forces (awarded at the end of a season), an upgraded version of the medal for placing in the top 100, and a medal you can earn by completing the Ready for Duty achievement in Team Fortress 2.

We’ve granted medals for Heroes of the Interstellar Armed Forces Season 1 to about three quarters of the participants and are trying to get medals to the remaining players. If you participated in season 1 and did not receive a medal and want to help us figure this out, get in touch.

  • Connecting to a server via a lobby now checks server_blacklist.txt.
  • The dedicated server browser window will no longer get stuck open.
  • Added rd_door_melee_damage, asw_welding_scale, and asw_goo_burning_damage convars for use in challenges.
  • Challenge convars are re-checked more frequently.