Beta update – 7 Mar, 2019 @ 17:04 UTC

Medic bot heal infested marine without waiting until health reaches low limit. By element109

Make medic immediately heal marine which is on fire. Also fix medic couldn’t start healing infested marines because their health was not lower than 85% of total health.

Add more fence models to lights.rad to forcetextureshadow list. These affect Deima map, near the first hack there was a big black unreallistic shadow coming from a fence. Compiling with this new lights.rad make shadow more accurate.

Fix minor issues in Deima mission
Removed a light stand which was floating in-air
Fixed some spawners spamming errors in console for missing activities
Fixed players could get under map during death camera slowdown
Fixed aliens could run through air after marines passed the ship bridge and ship flew away
Added more player spawn points to fulfill 8 spawn points requirement

Fix minor issues in Timor Station mission
Prevented Grenade Launcher’s grenades to fly into the sky in place near the biomass block
Fixed aliens from hordes getting stuck in non playable map areas
Added more player spawn points to fulfill 8 spawn points requirement

Rework the starting area in til3ArcticInfiltration

Fix several minor issues in area9800LZ and til2RoadToDawn

Fix pipe glitch in par5crucial_point, by Eerie-Eg

Fix crashes at first holdout area in par4high_tension, by Eerie-Eg

Add bonus_mission6 into Bonus Missions campaign. High Tension unsplit.

Improve bonus_mission6(High Tension unsplit), by Eerie-Eg
– Fixed crashes during first holdout
– Ported changes from split versions of High Tension into the unsplit one