Beta update – 7 Jun, 2022 @ 17:48 UTC

  • Operation Cleansweep: Storage Facility: Fixed three doors existing in a quantum state where welding one could weld the others as well.
  • Operation Cleansweep: Storage Facility: Made a decorative door near the end of the mission indestructable.
  • Research 7: Illyn Forest: Changed how aliens attack during the generator defense event. Aliens should no longer get stuck in an unkillable attacking state. The generator can now take friendly fire damage.
  • Research 7: Illyn Forest: Updated lighting and water.

  • Fixed some developer messages being written to the console with developer 0.
  • Fixed minimap rotating independent of view when spectating a bot in first person.
  • Death cam now temporarily forces the camera to third person if enabled.
  • Fixed a game freeze when selecting the “find more” option in the mission chooser with the Steam Overlay disabled.
  • Fixed a crash when looking up a challenge’s metadata while partially connected to a server.
  • rd_dump_workshop_mapping_client and rd_dump_workshop_mapping_server can now be filtered by specifying a filename prefix.
  • Kills are now tracked per player rather than per marine when updating global stats. This means that if you inhabit multiple marines in a mission, you will get credit for all of your kills on the stats website, and if you switch to a bot marine that had many kills right before the mission ends, those kills will not count towards your stats.
  • The mission chooser will default to the campaign you selected when switching missions before creating a lobby, and to the deathmatch tab when voting on a map to play after a deathmatch map ends.
  • Added asw_draw_kills convar to show a live scoreboard of kills per player.
  • Fixed a bug where watching a recording of yourself accepting a promotion would accept a promotion if you were eligible to promote.