Beta update – 6 Jun, 2022 @ 19:56 UTC

  • Research 7: Research 7: Fixed some places where aliens could fall through the floor.
  • Research 7: Research 7: Fixed some invisible walls when rotating the camera.
  • Tilarus-5: Communication Center: Fixed some light props hanging in the air.

  • Disabled the game instructor hints for “toggle equipment orders” and “hold to walk” on controller.
  • Added some stat tracking for use in a future update.
  • Added a GamePause vscript function.

  • Added the “silent” keyvalue to all types of grenades. Setting it to 1 prevents the grenade from producing any sound.
  • Added the CreateEffects input to boomer and mortarbug explosives. This spawns the sounds (unless “silent” is set) and particle effects that would normally be spawned when an alien creates these explosives.