Beta update – 6 Aug, 2023 @ 23:51 UTC

The beta branch has been updated:

  • Voting to change the mission during briefing now only requires a majority of voters to vote yes for the vote to pass, not a majority of players on the server. Repeatedly calling map change votes during briefing will cause a temporary per-player cooldown. Attempting to change the map while the mission is active still uses the old system.
  • Accident 32: J5 Connector: Some reflections now use the parallax-corrected cubemap system added in the August 1st update.
  • Example Campaign: Example Mission 1: Reflections now use parallax-corrected cubemaps.
  • Example Campaign: Example Mission 2: Redesigned visuals to utilize parallax-corrected cubemaps and better show off what can be done with func_asw_fade/prop_asw_fade to make a mission look interesting from all three currently-existing control schemes (first-person, top-down, and third-person).
  • Fixed a bug where non-English names would take up 4x as much space in lobby data as intended. Probably didn’t cause any visible problems (names can only be 32 letters long), but it gave me a headache trying to figure out how it broke so I figured I’d mention it. And now you’ll be downloading like 100 fewer bytes every time you view the lobby list.
  • Outside of the content downloaded through Steam, TeamSpen210’s hammer addons now has support for AS:RD’s parallax-corrected cubemaps. Hammer contains the entity needed to set it up (along with an entity for static prop merging which I wouldn’t recommend using quite yet outside of testing) but it won’t do anything unless you run postcompiler.exe with the new comp_cubemap_parallax transformer[]. Since the transformer was written after the latest release, you’ll need to manually add it to your transformers folder, but no other configuration outside of the entity in Hammer is required.