Beta update – 5 Jan, 2022 @ 01:26 UTC

Fix stats page redirecting to an obsolete website

Add Extinguish input to asw_alien_goo

Fix sentry duplication exploit

Add JumpUp VScript function for asw_parasite
Makes parasite jump up like from egg

Mark asw_marine_friction, asw_marine_gravity, asw_sv_maxspeed as cheat ConVar

Mark asw_weapon_gas_grenades as Damaging Weapon
This will allow it to record damage etc stats on the stats website

Add rd_biomass_damage_from_explosions ConVar
If set to 1 then biomass will take full damage from explosions.
This means it can be quickly destroyed.

Fix an issue with the continue screen

Fix Heavy Rifle and Medical SMG stats not working

Fix heal beacon insta-curing infestation

Fix console warning about greylaser1.vmt

Replaced exit(0) by a clean shutdown procedure

Enable the use of welcome messages, add rm_welcome_message_delay

Add rd_adjust_mod_dont_load_vertices ConVar, 1 by default
If rd_adjust_mod_dont_load_vertices 1 then mod_dont_load_vertices will be forced to 1 on dedicated server.
If rd_adjust_mod_dont_load_vertices 0 then nothing is done(old behavior).
Setting mod_dont_load_vertices 1 fixes a memory leak of vertex cache data.
On map transitioning, the cache of model data (vertex) keeps growing,
items in the cache are not released after map change.
In time this leads to grow the cache buffer beyond 100% (tested up to 107%),
and eventually leads to stuttering.
To reproduce this quickly, start a new game, then keep executing:
map lobby <enter>
After every transition, the game consumes ~30 MiB more memory. With other maps, the same behavior can be seen, but some maps more than others.

Add rd_boss_bar a boss health bar entity
It can be used by mappers to create more engaging boss encounters.
See for a demo of some of its features

Add trigger_asw_marine_melee for detecting a melee attack aimed at a target

Fix 64 fps server limit on newer windows versions
This fixes an issue for the dedicated server on Windows 10 build 2004 or newer.
Microsoft has deprecated timers in this and later builds. In the past, it was possible to claim a high resolution timer (1ms) for games. Later, an external utility named ‘Source fps booster’ was needed to achieve the same. Since Windows build 2004, only the program itself can claim this. Without the fix, the dedicated server would be stuck around 64 fps. With this fix, it goes up to 500 (or 1000) as it was before, or fps_max if set.
This patch claims a high resolution timer on behalf of the main thread as soon as the first player connects (as in: when the server awakes from hibernation).
This way, idle servers won’t consume any more energy or performance than strictly needed.

Tickrate related fixes
do proper tickrate sanitation
patch physics so interval is correct and not hardcoded anymore

add boss bar example map

add asw_filter_marine_class

Add output for failed fast hacks, and remove some debugging/commented-out code from before Alien Swarm was released.

Add a field to trigger_asw_button_area that allows mappers to require the button to be held down.

Optional objective cleanup
– Allow optional objectives to fail without failing the mission.
– If escape is not the last objective on the list, avoid triggering time-to-go chatter early.
– Some code formatting cleanup

Refactor director to add ResetMarineIntensity and SpawnHordeSoon inputs
When a hack is attempted, the director does the equivalent of calling
ResetMarineIntensity and SpawnHordeSoon on asw_director_control.
This adds those two inputs as things mappers can call.

Allow setting weapons as ‘temporary’, which makes them use a new weapon slot and forces them to be dropped instead of stowed.

Mark sk_* cvars as cheats. sync values with half-life 2 where applicable

Corrected shutdown delay to one frame

Add datamap helper