Beta update – 4 Feb, 2023 @ 04:59 UTC

  • Loading screens for missions in the Area 9800, Operation Cleansweep, Tears for Tarnor, Paranoia, Nam Humanum, BioGen Corporation, Accident 32 campaigns have been added, as well as loading screens for Deathmatch maps and Bonus Missions.
  • Made adjustments to Accident 32 maps.
  • Shamans have been renamed to Menders.
  • Reworked the Ricochet Rifle:
    • It no longer requires the secondary trigger to bounce shots.
    • Instead, when holding the secondary trigger, the gun fires shotgun-like bursts of 7 bullets which bounce fewer times and deal less damage per bullet than the primary fire does per bullet.
    • You can now hit yourself with a bounced bullet.
    • The laser sight on the Ricochet Rifle now shows a predicted bounce pattern.
  • Reworked the Flechette Launcher:
    • It now fires Hunter flechettes :coolglasses:
  • Combine Hunter damage is now scaled by difficulty level.
  • Shotguns now roll for Leadership once per shot rather than once per pellet.
  • Boosted the volume of the Leadership sound effects.

Research 7, Tilarus-5, Lana’s Escape, and Adanaxis loading screens are coming in future beta updates.