Beta update – 30 Nov, 2022 @ 03:26 UTC

Today’s beta update is quite large as it contains assets used by a piece of content that is not (quite) ready to add to the beta. It also removes about fifty megabytes of unused data (mostly files that have since been updated) from the VPK files. We figured it would be a good time to do this now as the update adds quite a bit of data. Additionally, there have been several fixes to the upcoming Accident 32 campaign based on feedback. Please continue to report issues you find in the beta.

  • Accident 32: Information Department: Fixed bots being unable to navigate at the start and end of the mission.
  • Accident 32: Information Department: Made objective markers larger.
  • Accident 32: Powerhood: Increased the size of the use area for reactor consoles.
  • Accident 32: Research Center: Prevented a parasite from jumping into a different room.
  • Accident 32: Research Center: Made a laser near the end of the level smaller and more stationary to make it clearer that it can be walked through.
  • Accident 32: Lab Ruins: Improved visibility in the power button area.

  • Changed the requirement to view lore for antlion guards in the Swarmopedia (coming soon!) from 5 kills to 1 kill as antlion guards are relatively rare and we don’t want this to feel like a grind.
  • Some of the icons for weapon facts in the Swarmopedia have been added. Others still in development.