Beta update – 28 Jun, 2019 @ 16:41 UTC

Fix hordes and wanderers spawning infinite number of aliens
In Alien Swarm both hordes and wanderers were set to spawn asw_drone.
If there were more than 25 awake drones no new hordes would spawn.
If there were more than 20 awake drones no new wanderers would spawn.
In Reactive Drop both hordes and wanderers can be set to spawn non-drone aliens.
This can lead to director infinitely spawning non-drone aliens since
20 and 25 limits only check for awake drones.
For example setting wanderers to shieldbugs, will lead to 100 shieldugs spawned
in a few minites.
With this fix, the 20(25) check checks for awake aliens(not only drones).

Add rd_director_max_awake_aliens_for_horde and rd_director_max_awake_aliens_for_wanderers cvars
rd_director_max_awake_aliens_for_horde 25
If there are more awake aliens than this number director will not spawn new hordes
rd_director_max_awake_aliens_for_wanderers 20
If there are more awake aliens than this number director will not spawn new wanderers
Director spawns hordes and wanderers depending on several conditions, where
number of awake aliens is one of them. That is if there are 25+ awake aliens,
no new hordes and wanderers will spawn, until those aliens are killed or they
go to sleep state.

Increase director limits for awake aliens for ASBI challege
Set both rd_director_max_awake_aliens_for_horde and
rd_director_max_awake_aliens_for_wanderers to 45

Fix asw_grenade_vindicator not using m_flDamage

Update alien_selection.txt comments with new NPCs

Improve modability for marine models
Make Sarge and Crash use femalemarine.mdl
Make femalemarine.mdl be the same size as marine.mdl
Now modders can create mods with 8 different marine skins, each for
one character

Fix medic bot doesn’t prioritize infested and burning marine over the lowest health marine
Medic bot heal priority is to firstly heal infested marine, then burning
marine, then lowest health marine.

Fix medic bots get stuck in fire trying to heal themselves