Beta update – 28 Dec, 2022 @ 03:37 UTC

  • Fixed drones being able to attack again sooner than expected if a flinch animation was shorter than their remaining attack time.
  • Fixed buzzers being ignored by first/third person aiming.
  • Marine bots now avoid standing in fires and gas grenades.
  • Improved the way marines choose locations to stand to avoid hazards.
  • Renamed debug convars for squad formation to asw_debug_marine_ai_followspot, asw_debug_marine_hints, and asw_debug_squad_movement for consistency.
  • Added rd_bots_flank_shieldbug, rd_bots_avoid_bombs (replacing rd_bots_ignore_bombs), rd_bots_avoid_gas, rd_bots_avoid_fire, and rd_follow_hint_max_search_range_danger convars.
  • Split rd_bot_melee into rd_bot_melee_object, rd_bot_melee_noammo, rd_bot_melee_mobbed, rd_bot_melee_losblocked, and rd_bot_melee_combo for better tuning.
  • Marine bots now teleport to their ideal squad position rather than the nearest info_node to the squad leader when stuck.