Beta update – 27 Jan, 2022 @ 02:03 UTC

The beta branch has been updated with the following changes:

  • Doubled the amount that the Damage Bonus skill affects the AVK-36 Marksman Rifle from 10 to 20 per point.
  • Medic bots will attempt to heal targets within 512 hammer units (32 feet) of their current position.
  • Fixed gas grenades not recording Steam stats.
  • Sentry tops can be attached to a rotating parent and will update their angles correctly.
  • Remote turret can be attached to a rotating parent and has a Parent Name field in Hammer.
  • Marines can place sentries on moving objects as long as the feet of the sentry are all located on the same object and the object is not physics-based.
  • Added rd_debug_sentry_placement cvar to visualize the sentry placement traces.
  • Sentries now use the ai_relationship system when determining what they can shoot at.
  • Added asw_weapon_healamp_gun and asw_weapon_medrifle to Hammer.
  • Added rd_bot_melee server cvar to allow marine bots to melee attack when out of ammo or when being mobbed by aliens. Disabled by default to match previous behavior.
  • Fixed bots not being able to use the primary fire of the IAF Medical SMG.
  • Fixed SetTonemapRate not working in multiplayer.