Beta update – 26 Aug, 2023 @ 22:05 UTC

The releasecandidate branch has been updated. A release is scheduled for September 1st with the following changes:

  • Fixed the previous user’s workshop addon list being loaded on the first game launch after switching Steam accounts.
  • Fixed controller icons in hints rendering incorrectly for non-XInput controllers.
  • Reduced volume of some frequently played sound effects.
  • Fixed an issue that caused some dedicated servers to not update their Heroes of the Interstellar Armed Forces configuration data.
  • Fixed a generator model being rotated 90 degrees. (For real this time!)
  • Fixed F9 menu showing incorrect text for how many players have voted yes during a map vote.
  • Made railgun do 30 more damage (75->105). Now it kills a drone in one shot on brutal difficulty on any marine.
  • Paranoia: Crucial Point: Fixed drones refusing to climb upwards in the last holdout.
  • Accident 32: J5 Connector: Fixed drone pathing in the last holdout.
  • Accident 32: J5 Connector: Added a ladder to the sewer area and removed the kill trigger.