Beta update – 26 Apr, 2022 @ 20:07 UTC

  • 22A7-Z Prototype Assault Rifle: Increased stopping power (flinch chance) from 20% to 28%.
  • M73 Twin Pistols: Fixed damage being unintentionally reduced on lower difficulties.
  • Model 35 Pump-action Shotgun: Increased clips from 8 to 12.
  • K80 Personal Defense Weapon: Increased clips from 10 to 12.

  • Updated German translation.
  • Fixed game description in server browser showing untranslated challenge names.
  • Fixed campaign transition screen showing untranslated campaign name.

  • BioGen Corporation: Operation x5: Improved bot navigation, added details, tweaked alien spawn balance, optimized.

  • Changed some bunnyhopping related convars from developmentonly to cheat, making them available for challenges.
  • Added another HoIAF participating server in China. The “Steampunk I” server is active now, but will not appear on the ingame list until this update is out of beta.