Beta update – 24 Oct, 2019 @ 06:09 UTC

Fix holdout mode to complete mission when all waves are passed
Previously holdout mode wasn’t ending when all waves were spawned.
So almost no holdout maps could be completed.
Only a message: ‘You are a winner!’ was displayed.

Fix aliens are stuck indefinitely around dead marine
This fix makes sure that dead marine is not considered as the one
who sees aliens, thus preventing them from going into sleep state.
This fixes the bug: When marine dies to a horde and other marines are far
enough for horde to see them, the horde gets stuck in non-sleeping state
and thus not decreasing the amount of non-sleeping aliens. This leads to
no hordes and wanderers being spawned at all and can be exploited on hard
challenges and maps like Survival Desert.

Improve ‘Kicked by Console’ message
Instead of displaying just ‘Kicked by Console’
display ‘Kicked by player vote’ when player is vote kicked from server.

Add rd_sentry_block_aliens ConVar
If 0 sentries don’t collide with aliens

Fix medkits from killed aliens fall under floor