Beta update – 24 May, 2023 @ 05:55 UTC

The beta branch has been updated:

  • v45 Electric Charged Armor: Fixed the deployment count being listed as “Damage Blocked”. Added a note to the Swarmopedia entry clarifying that this armor blocks 75% of melee damage while active.
  • IAF Medical Amplifier Gun: Fixed this weapon not having enough secondary ammo capacity for Bastille’s default ammo count, causing the gun to become reloadable, which would cause primary ammo to be discarded.
  • IAF Medical SMG: Fixed this weapon highlighting potential heal targets based on whether it had primary ammo.
  • rd_weapon_generic_object can now be assigned an icon (see Haikü’s tutorial for how to make weapon icons).
  • rd_weapon_generic_object now has ForcePickUp and ForceDrop inputs as well as OnPrimaryAttack, OnSecondaryAttack, OnReload, OnPickedUp, and OnDropped outputs in Hammer.