Beta update – 24 Jul, 2018 @ 13:15 UTC

Add rd_drone_uber_knockdown cvar. Set to 1 to make uber drones knock down marines like shieldbugs do. Also added related cvars rd_drone_uber_knockdown_force and rd_drone_uber_knockdown_lift

Make asw_trigger_fall, trigger_hurt and env_laser kill marines even if reviving is enabled

Display number of incapacitations in player list window. If reviving is enabled F9 window(player list) will now display the number of times marine was incapacitated during current mission.

Fix marine is deleted after asw_suicide. This bugged out challenges with reviving enabled

Grey out difficulties above Hard and challenges for players below 30 level in Find Public Games window

Disable blinking light on area9800PP1 map to improve frame rate

Fix help hint is displayed permanently during bonus mission 1

Fix aliens getting stuck in huge yellow door on lan3_maintenance

Fix alien getting stuck inside wall on LandingBay_01

Fix uber drones getting stuck in door frames and windows

Add rd_auto_kick_low_level_player. Server auto kick players below level 30 from challenges which have this cvar set to 1. This cvar is meant for players who use dedicated server browser to join games, since Public Games window already restricts filters to max Hard difficulty and challenge being disabled