Beta update – 24 Aug, 2022 @ 22:36 UTC

  • Paranoia: Crucial Point: Reworked the final encounter. Marines must now defend a generator. If the generator is damaged, it will stop the completion progress until fixed by a tech. If no marine is near the generator, it will take additional damage.

  • Added Queen sound effects from the City 17 campaign.

  • Fixed piercing chance calculation for bullets that went through a door or other non-living object. (A 200% chance, 290% chance, and 300% chance now all become 100% chance of piercing another target rather than 0%, 90%, and 0%.)

  • Updated Chinese translation.
  • Updated German translation.
  • Updated Italian translation.
  • Updated Japanese translation.
  • Updated Russian translation.

  • Fixed non-Workshop addons acting as if they were disabled in the mission chooser.

  • Fixed npc_bullseye failing to compile due to a key being too long.

  • Added new VScript class TempEnts which allows creating Temporary Entities on clients.
  • Added new global VScript functions to use when creating Temporary Entities.


void Create( CBasePlayer player, string name, float delay, table )

Queue a temp entity for transmission on a client from a passed table of SendProp data.
Passing null for a player will playback Temp Entity on all clients.

void GetPropTypes( string name, table )

Fills in a passed table with all SendProps and their types for the temp entity

void GetNames( table )

Fills in a passed table with the names of all temp entities


int PrecacheParticleSystem( string name )

Precaches a particle material

int GetParticleSystemIndex( string name )

Converts a previously precached material into an index

string GetParticleSystemNameFromIndex( int index )

Converts a previously precached material index into a string

void PrecacheEffect( string name )

Precaches an effect

int GetEffectIndex( const char *name )

Converts a previously precached effect into an index

string GetEffectNameFromIndex( int index )

Converts a previously precached effect index into a string

int GetDecalIndexForName( string name )

Get decal index from a string