Beta update – 23 May, 2022 @ 21:31 UTC

The beta has been updated with the additional changes:

  • Updated Chinese translation.

  • Fixed requesting to change mission in the new mission chooser sending an invalid vote command to the server.
  • Fixed singleplayer turning into create lobby if you opened the mission chooser from the settings menu.
  • Fixed weird text appearing when opening the mission chooser and then clicking “back”.
  • Addons can now be loaded while connected to a game as long as the mission is not in progress.
  • Dedicated servers can now load collections in addition to individual addons.
  • Joining a game during slow motion now sets the appropriate timescale.
  • Added estimated ping times to lobbies on the beta.

  • Missions where marines race each other can now send the input MarineFinishedMission to asw_gamerules in order to override that marine’s completion time for the leaderboards.
  • Models that support flex can now be used in prop_dynamic without flickering.

Unless major bugs are found, this beta will be promoted to live tomorrow.