Beta update – 24 Jun, 2018 @ 01:54 UTC

Disable blinking light at til1MidnightPort. Blinking light at map start was causing frame time fluctuations. Looks like lights with changed appearance are causing frame-time to increase which makes next frame time to be decreased. Such fluctuations in frame-time cause monitor to display the same frame during two monitor refreshes. This results in reduced actual framerate even if game’s reported framerate is 60

Update Discord rich presence
Add images for official maps.
Add time elapsed to deathmatch.
Add generic images for main menu and demo.

Add rd_suggest_difficulty cvar. If set to 0, game will not show a message suggesting player to change their difficulty(thanks to element109).

Add rd_hud_minimap_drawing convar. If set to 0 the player cannot draw on the mini-map and does not receive other’s drawings. This does not affect other players ability to draw and receive drawings(thanks to element109).

Fix asw_spawner Skill Level. Brutal and Insane are no longer treated as the same Skill Level.

Bots can be selected from a player by another player from lobby(thanks to element109).