Beta update – 22 May, 2023 @ 21:57 UTC

The beta branch has been updated:

  • Fixed missing icons/textures on the main menu.
  • Fixed layout for the main menu Heroes of the Interstellar Armed Forces leaderboard.
  • Fixed the first item in “public lobbies” and “friends playing” not appearing if rd_reduce_motion was set.
  • The game no longer crashes when loaded on a version of Proton or the Steam Client that is too old, and the message on the “NO STEAM” screen has been adjusted to be more helpful.

Known issues:

  • The main menu news showcase is still a placeholder error icon with a placeholder title for now.
  • The main menu leaderboard entries aren’t responding to clicks or button presses. Not sure why yet.
  • The buttons at the top of the main menu do not function yet. To access your inventory or change game settings, you must temporarily leave the beta branch.
  • The commander profile area in the top left is not yet rendered.