Beta update – 22 Jan, 2023 @ 02:40 UTC

  • Simplified and removed duplicated code related to aliens. There were a few intentional changes to unify logic; please report any other changes you notice:
    • Drones on minimum difficulty (Easy with fewer than 4 marines) have 16 max HP instead of 25.
    • Shaman max HP has changed from 25 to 23 under the same conditions.
    • Queen health now scales with mission difficulty rather than being hardcoded for each difficulty setting.
  • All characters now use the alien status effect overlays, so burning marines will look more on fire than they used to.
  • Colonists use updated models and no longer use marine pain sounds.
  • Combine soldiers and hunters are now available for use in maps via spawners, director scripting, and manual entity placement.
  • Combine soldiers will automatically create a squad based on the closest node to where they spawned if they are not in a mapper-defined squad.
  • Combine striders, dropships, and gunships are available for use in cinematics, but marines lack good methods of killing them, so they are not recommended for actual gameplay.