Beta update – 21 Mar, 2023 @ 18:03 UTC

We are now less than a month away from the 6th anniversary update. We want this update to be the best it can be. The new campaign, bonus mission, and endless mission for the update are ready, along with some graphical upgrades for weapons, a brand new interface for weapon selection, the Swarmopedia, a bunch of new accessibility features for knowing what’s going on with your attacks, the third person challenge, and a host of goodies for mappers and modders.

A draft of the release notes can be found in the translation repo[]. Please play on the beta branch, look out for anything that isn’t quite right, and let us know. This includes things like missing release notes and bugs in content that wasn’t changed yet for the update.

Also, stay tuned for a full week of double experience points starting at midnight UTC on April 20th and running until 23:59 on April 27th. (That’s right, 8 days.)