Beta update – 2 Jun, 2022 @ 22:36 UTC

  • Antlions and headcrabs that deal poison damage now use the HL2 behavior for poison (heal over time).

  • Instant Restart: Loadout editing state for briefing is now cleared.
  • Instant Restart: Chat is no longer closed during restart.
  • Deselecting a marine in briefing now properly clears the tooltip.
  • If rd_chatwipe is 0, chat history is no longer temporarily hidden when the mission starts.
  • Added an official First Person challenge.
  • Fixed first segment of rd_boss_bar being misaligned.
  • View punch, poison blur, screen shake, and HUD damage indicators now work while spectating.
  • The main HUD font no longer scales below 20px (960px tall resolution). At 720p, this is 33% larger, and at 800p (Steam Deck resolution) this is 20% larger.