Beta update – 2 Aug, 2023 @ 19:16 UTC

The beta branch has been updated:

  • Accident 32: Information Department: Fixed reactor hack area sometimes being disabled.
  • Accident 32: Information Department: Made aliens move slower in water.
  • Accident 32: Powerhood: Changed eggs objective to clearing out the specific eggs in the rooms rather than all eggs in the map for challenges that spawn additional eggs.
  • Accident 32: Powerhood: Unwelded supply room door and added more ammo types.
  • Accident 32: Research Center: Added a button to blow away the fog.
  • Accident 32: Research Center: Adjusted spawns.
  • Accident 32: J5 Connector: Made aliens move slower in the shower.
  • Tilarus-5: Cold Catwalks: Fixed a misaligned railing. (thanks WTF-8!)
  • BioGen Corporation: Operation X-5: Fixed a spot where marines could fall out of the map. (thanks Blueberry!)
  • Research 7: Illyn Forest: Removed “Melee” game instructor hint from blockade. (thanks Dmitriy!)
  • Research 7: Illyn Forest: Generator no longer takes damage from marines or explosions.
  • Research 7: Illyn Forest: Adjusted boss bar graphics.
  • Paranoia: Crucial Point: The satellite dish no longer takes damage from marines. (It could previously be damaged with the Tesla Cannon.)
  • Operation Cleansweep: Storage Facility: Removed tech marine requirement. Added a chainsaw near the first door and twin pistols near the last door.
  • Fixed a generator model being rotated 90 degrees.
  • Fixed crosshair being disabled at startup if a controller is plugged in.
  • Added some icons for entities in Hammer.
  • Fixed rd_hackall affecting weapon equip requirements.