Beta update – 19 Jul, 2019 @ 18:05 UTC

Fix second horde fails to spawn if first one failed
Previously when rd_horde_two_sided 1 the second horde would not spawn
if the first horde failed to find spawn position.

Add rd_horde_retry_on_fail cvar
When set to 1 will retry to spawn horde from opposite direction if
previous direction spawn failed. Currently it’s set to 1

Improve wanderer spawn ability
If wanderer can’t spawn from north from marines location, game will
try to spawn it from south. This makes holdouts like on Rydberg
Reactor near airlock more interesting, especially in ASBI challenge.

Decrease maximum number of wanderers for ASBI challenge to 25(was 45)

This change improves hordes and wanderers spawning ability, is backwards compatible and is recommended for both clients and dedicated servers.